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Pip’s To The Point


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Pip’s To The Point is a product unlike any other.

Created as a labor of love over 8 years. We have created a product that takes the entourage effect to a new level.

Pip’s To The Point combines the 333 mg of the highest quality broad spectrum CBD with a proprietary blend of 12 therapeutic grade essential oils. CBD is produced thru low temperature fractional distillation to produce a superior extract.

Large one ounce roller bottle with wide mouth roller allows easy coverage of targeted areas

Roll it on anywhere you hurt and be amazed by the results. No waste transferring from hand to body.

Please apply to completely cover area with coat. Not too heavy

Get ready to make the change from taking pills  to an all natural method

Each bottle contains an approximate 30 day supply depending on usage.

Not to be taken internally



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Pip's To The Point is a product unlike any other.

I decided everyone could benefit from Pip’s To The Point in this time of trouble. That‘s me- Pip. The name is because this product cuts straight to the point of providing quick help.

Over the years i tried it all. Pills don‘t do much except damage the body. I was prescribed Voltaren and then Ketamine. Both helped for a short time but neither helped but for a handful of hours. So I began looking for another path. This is what i came up with.

Epidermal infusion is a great method of fast delivery to the system.

Using Jojoba as the carrier is as effective a means to externally deliver product  as a patch ( which we also have available).

Created as a labor of love over 8 years. We have created a product that takes the entourage effect to a new level. Please consider if you need help with aches and swelling. Lasts a long time also.

Pip's To The Point combines the highest quality broad spectrum CBD with a proprietary blend of 12 therapeutic grade essential oils.

If you have any known reactions or sensitivities please contact us before us before use.

I developed this thru hundreds of experiments over 8 years.

It has been in beta testing for six years.

Now it’s ready for you to experience.

All I ask after you try it is to pass it forward so your friends and family can experience what this product has to offer. There is nothing greater in life than helping others.

Not to be taken internally

If any reaction or rash develops stop using immediately.

The statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

Cowtown Cbd Corral  products are not intended for the purpose of diagnosing, treating, curing or preventing any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using these products.


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14 reviews for Pip’s To The Point

  1. Rita B

    Love this stuff. I have lower back pain most of the time, rubbed this on with almost immediate relief. I now use it all the time. I highly recommend it.

  2. tony cross

    Gamechanger!!! Pips to the point is the product I never knew I needed in my life until I tried it. I use it every night before I go to bed. I work on my feet all day and up and down on ladders and my back is usually hurting when I get home. The minute I roll this on I get relief and can sleep and wake up ready for the day not hurting at all. Everyone should have this stuff.

  3. parkercross40

    this stuff works! I have Covid and this has helped with all of the aches and pains i have had. After a few minutes of rubbing on i could tell a big difference. I will continue to use after as nothing else has helped like this stuff.

  4. Brenda Cross (verified owner)

    Pips to the point has helped me out tremendously. I recently had knee surgery and it has been such a help to me not only with the pain but the swelling. Love this product and is a must in our household.

  5. Zane Gray

    greatest thing since peanut butter

  6. Rick Jones

    Did wonders, removed pain and made me functional

  7. Matt D.

    I don’t know what’s the magic in this that makes it work, but it’s in there! I’m not much of a pain manager – I usually ride it out. My wife had bought some of this for some neck pain and insisted it worked. This morning, I overdid my running after taking too much time off. Shin splints and knee tendon pain were KILLING me progressively worse as I went throught the day, including moving some office equipment into a new office in the evening. Got back and decided to give this a shot – I’m not kidding you…went from could hardly walk up the stairs to pain-free travel up the stairs. It just works!!

  8. william pippin (store manager)

    i tried this on my lower back and shoulder and omg! i was ready to go in five minutes pain free

  9. william pippin (store manager)

    oi am bone to bone on my left knee and cartilage floating all over in my right knee. i have been usinga medical laser for five years every other day to get some comfort. i tried this on my left knee and i didnt need my laser for ten days. you got to try it

  10. alett

    Pip’s to the Point, makes a great gift for friends and family.

  11. alett

    I love this product! It works almost immediately for all my aches and pains.

  12. Patty Hedlund

    I was at a. friends and she had me try Pips to the Point on my knee. Within thirty minutes the pain was significantly less.

  13. Shari

    This is such a great product. My lower back pain is relieved almost immediately upon application. It smells so great, is calming as well!! I love this product!!

  14. Clint

    This is a great product that should be featured on the front page of this site. You can feel this product work immediately. I played college football and my low back hurts – I roll this on each day and get great relief. I also volunteer as a youth baseball coach – both of my elbows get sore from throwing batting practice and hitting fungo – this really helps. We also use for our pitchers when they come out of the game (elbow & shoulder). Great product !

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